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Does your personal auto insurance provide coverage for loss of, or damage to, a rental car? If it does not, then you don't need to pay for Amex's Premium coverage, as any card that provides free, secondary coverage will be primary coverage for you if you have no other insurance that covers rental car loss/damage.

If your personal coverage does cover rental-car loss/damage, then the Amex (primary) Premium coverage would enable you to avoid filing a claim with your personal insurer in the event of rental car loss/damage (assuming that there was no injury to anyone, and no damage to anyone else's property).
I will check with my insurance tomorrow. Since I don't rent often, I worry that I'm overlooking something. What if they rent me a car that is worth $40k, it gets totaled and the car I have personal insurance on is worth $15k?

What if I'm at fault? Mine personal insurance would cover the OTHER driver, correct?

Sounds like I need to find out about the "coverage for loss of, or damage to, a rental car?" to know more, correct?

Thanks for the help and quick reply!

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