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Originally Posted by alanslegal View Post
From reviewing the videos, to me the restaurants look underwhelming. Yasmeen looks artificial, Li Long looks like a glorified restaurant and Terra, the idea is there but it looks sparse and not as private / romantic / intimate.
I believe the overall experience at WA will be amazing! Counting the days til we get there. But have to agree about the restaurant opinions above.

Just coming back from two days at Disneyland, Yasmeen looks like a restaurant they would have. Fake, with no real “essence” of the actual thing. I predict the food will be great.

One can only hope they remove/rethink the wicker park bench from Terra. At, what will more than likely be a $250++ PP dinner, they need to give you a proper place to sit for a couple hours. Or they can claim the worlds most expensive picnic meal.

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