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Originally Posted by Uh Clem View Post
Thanks for the info. I always check in online so there would be no reason for them to weigh it at the ticket counter.
Swiss sizes bags at the gate, a lot more in ZRH than GVA. Weighing is rarer but can happen. So whether you check in at a counter or not doesn't make a difference - in fact I've never had real trouble at check-in, always at the gate (except for OS at security at VIE).

At outstations it's rarer but it depends where and who you get. The risk is that you have a gate agent who's on a power trip and decides you have to pay a penalty for your bag.

Also a word of caution, 22" is 55.88 cm and LH group allows 55cm maximum. The problem is their sizers are probably 50-52cm at best (I can't fit my 55cm in there when it's empty). Gate agents know about this but usually say "sorry you're right but I enforce rules I don't set them". YMMV...
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