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Originally Posted by WillCAD View Post
Well, that explains the whole thing.

Booking the extra seat under your name with XS as the middle initial is the official method of booking an extra seat under the COS policy.

It's a little surprising to me that you got a refund for that seat automatically. I've always had to send an email request to get my refund.
I was surprised too, trust me neither my wife nor I wanted a refund, we wanted to pay for the extra seat (4 hours it is nice to spread out), the way we look at it, the extra comfort is worth the price and when I spoke with the agent on the phone I was clear that I WANTED to buy the extra seat so that my wife and I could have some extra space, I did not say anything about COS or anything even remotely close to that. In fact thinking back on it, I explained that I was curious as how to book an extra seat as I could not figure out how to do it on the internet, she said no worries sir I can help you with that, would you like to me book the entire reservation for you, I said sure and she booked the entire reservation over the phone for me, first time that I have done that in years.

Regardless, I still feel a little bad about getting the refund, it is why I generally book WN between MCO and FLL instead of AA MCO-MIA and DAL-HOU instead of AA DFW-IAH to give them my business.
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