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SK 2762 this morning [WAW-CPH 21NAY19]

It's been quite an ordeal this morning in WAW as SK 2762 appeared to have no crew (overheard gate staff talking), then "operational delay" has been announced, and pax were gossiping about tech (I have not heard anything definite about it though). Does anybody has access to some system that can tell me what has happened (SK 2762 MAY 21, from WAW)?

Of course, there was no priority line (typical WAW) and the line was quite a zoo, with lots of irritated folks on TATL connections. The gate staff behaved as if the flight was effectively cancelled (although technically this was a delay of unknown duration). They rebooked about 70% of PAX on later flights and alternative connections (super effectively) only to suddenly announce that they are boarding and departing with the remaining 30% pax after 130 minutes of delay. Freaking annoying - I was one of the rebooked ones and there was no way to make it back to SK 2762 when boarding was announed. They would not be able to reload checked luggage. One time a year I have a checked bag and IRROPS happen, grrrr... I envy another fellow EBD who only had a cabin bag and was smoothly rebooked to LO and is reliably already in CPH (I wouldn't make it because retrieving my bag from the delayed SK flight was too slow).

Now I have 2 hours of waiting to cure my helplessness in the lounge, while thinking about my flight happily flying to my destination without me
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