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Originally Posted by glenn___ebooks View Post
Has everyone ever figured out why they do these deals and why they limit? I always assumed it was as no/small profit way to get people into the store who would then buy other profitable things but:
1. They sometimes don't even advertise these deals in the flyer (or is that oD/OM)?
2. who wants a random $200 VGC? I guess I don't understand how "normal" people would even use them, with the exception of those who for some reason cannot get a bank account and need to have a credit card number, but I really doubt that's who's buying these.
There are many people out there that want to gift but don't want to shop, wrap and go through the hassle that is gift giving. It is far easier to give a gift card than shop for a gift. And many will consider paying a few dollars for the convenience a blessing. (and GCs come in many different sizes, not just $200).

The reason one has a sale is to lure people into the store, so that expensive ordinary merchandise can be purchased. While many on this thread would never consider buying at retail in an OD or Staples, most "normal" people will think that paying the extra dollar for a ream of paper is worth not getting in a car and traveling 3 miles up the road to some other site for such savings.
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