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Itís a busy flight so not surprising that it was sold out and that some then changed their flight. However it seems to make no sense that it does not show at all. Most people I guess would book a train and not think to check again. It if course makes less sense that it sometimes showed as fully booked. It seemed completely random.
There are both good and bad reasons to show fully booked connection. If you show the flight, then people can see the timetable, but you also confuse people in that they may believe that you can book tickets for that flight in one way or another. That is only possible if someone cancels a booking.

SJ (Swedish railways) shows fully booked connections. The website is optimised to only show the fastest connection, and if the fastest connection is fully booked, then the website still only shows the fastest (but fully booked) connection and won't show slower but not fully booked connections and so the website prevents you from travelling.
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