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Originally Posted by goodeats21 View Post
I went last year and had no trouble getting into the tent. In fact, left at some point to go back to the hotel for a bit, then got back to the tent later in the evening. Was quite a party.

Maybe I was just lucky?

Going again this year.
Was it on the first Sunday at the Braurosl tent?

The "gay oktoberfest" is the first Sunday of the festival (this year September 21st) and only that day and only at the Braurosl tent.

The only way to be inside is if you are at a table (you can't hang out and walk around without a table as if at a party or a bar) and spots at the tables are reserved months in advance (for groups of ten, not less) with priority to repeat guests first.
People stand in line outside for hours hoping for a no-show, a group leaving, or one of the few spots at the unreserved tables.
Or buy one of the 600 tickets for the upstairs area with Munich Lions Club (a gay group) but most of the fun is downstairs where the other 5,800 guys are.
Leaving the place means you completely lost your spot, unless your group and table remained inside waiting for you.

Just wondering how were you able to do what you said.
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