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Originally Posted by NJRadioGuy View Post
When I'm going on vacation I always go carry-on-only, but 22 lbs. is really pushing it. Normally for EU vacations I'm good with a standard-sized bag and about 15kg. Since it's got to be lightweight I'd suggest getting a carry-on sized duffel bag instead. A regular suitcase tips the scale at 6-10 pounds typically. A duffel is maybe 2 lbs (for a well-built one). That gives you 20 pounds of stuff. I can pack everything I need in that and still have room for souvenirs coming home. The compromise is I need a couple of hours for laundry every 5 days (or pay someone to do it while I'm out doing whatever), and I don't carry an extra pair of shoes. I eat a big meal before leaving for the airport so no need to subject myself to airline food (bonus: food coma = easier to nap or sleep onboard). I'll buy sodas or OJ onboard, and I'll have some snacks packed in my bag for late in the flight. The only extra I ever spend on airfare is for a seat with legroom, and when offered, I'll spring for premium economy for flights over 5 hours.

When dealing with a weight limit I use a frame free multiway bag, it weighs just over 1kg. That leaves me lots of weight for my stuff. https://www.mec.ca/en/product/5038-0...k-Shoulder-Bag
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