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Originally Posted by TravelinSperry View Post
Agreed. Last year it was $50... paid even up to a full ride. This year, I'm getting 20% off. Only saved $8 of my $50 so far. I guess it's all the same if one rides Uber enough (i.e., if you get to the $50 it really doesn't matter). Only matters to those very infrequent riders who won't save $50 annually. Still, would've been nice to receive correspondence about the change.
So interestingly this year I've received almost $60 in rebates so far YTD. I thought the benefit was capped at $50 per year. But obviously I've received more than this cap. Do I understand the benefit incorrectly? Does anyone know the proper cap (or is it limitless)? The brochure shows a $50 cap:
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