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Originally Posted by jdrtravel View Post
CIty or metro area? I don't see Columbus surpassing Detroit or Minneapolis-St.Paul in terms of metro area.
This is an interesting thread. One of my kids went to a visit at Ohio State, thinking about going to school there. The pitch that the university reiterated over and over was that Columbus is in the top 10 largest cities in the United States. I scratched my head at that one, as I dug deeper, what they meant was, has a large geographic footprint, and the municipality itself encompasses around 800,000 people spread over 200+ square miles. By comparison, Cleveland and Cincinnati have somewhere around 70 square miles in each of their cities. Boston has less then 50 and Atlanta has 133. All of the Ohio cities mentioned have around 4,000 people per square mile. The point being, Columbus is a fine city with many great things. The headline that catches attention regarding population though is a bit misleading. Using Cincinnati as an example: In 2020, Cincinnati and Dayton are expected to be married into a single census population area, similar to Columbus along I 70 towards Zanesville and Cleveland with Akron and Canton. The population of the new metro area will be north of 3 million. Add to that the surrounding area’s of Indiana and Kentucky that CVG draws from, and you begin to get a glimpse into the volumes and revenue that likely drive the investments Delta makes at CVG ( as well as the cutbacks that they made for several years). It was stated really well above, airlines are free enterprises that follow the money, pure and simple. If there was money to be had or made by putting a SkyClub at Columbus, I imagine Delta would do so.
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