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Odd boarding process in DEN for 777 - simultaneous BG1 (Door 1L) & BG2 (Door 2L)

Last Thursday, flight 257 DEN->SFO on a 777 -- They did all the pre-boarding, then proceeded to open both doors and board both groups 1 and 2 simultaneously -- two gate agents, group 1 through the left-hand door (into the front of the plane), group 2 into the right-hand door (heading to the door between Polaris and Premium Plus). Really annoying because group 1 flyers in economy (like me) wound up taking the more roundabout route, then merging with the group 2 boarders at their door. Since I had a bulkhead seat with no storage, it was frustrating that most of the overhead space near me was gone by the time I got there (and I was 3rd in the group 1 line). If I'd been at the end of group 1 and wound up boarding after most or all of group 2, I'd have been pretty annoyed.

Has anybody else run into this wrinkle? (I'd never seen it before, and I can't seem to find anything via search)
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