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Odd boarding process in DEN for 777 - simultaneous BG1 (Door 1L) & BG2 (Door 2L)

Odd boarding process in DEN for 777 - simultaneous BG1 (Door 1L) & BG2 (Door 2L)

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Originally Posted by QBK View Post
I've experienced this on ORD-PEK a few years back, before 1Ks preboarded. They started boarding Group 1 through Door 1 and Group 2 (followed by other groups) through Door 2. Between F, J, 1K, and platinum, almost exactly half the plane was in Group 1. The tail end of Group 1 -- which included me (had to get my passport checked at the last minute) -- boarded at the same time as Group 4.

I appreciate the desire to be more efficient. But early boarding is a defined privilege of certain ticket classes and status classes, and screwing up the system so that those folks board with Group 4 is not cool.
Yes, I had this on an ORD-PVG flight a couple years ago, with similarly bad results.

It's fine if you're Group 1 and in J. Not so great if you're Group 1 and Y, as I was.
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Originally Posted by flyerbaby19 View Post
Is it against the rules for a passenger to do that? I was always under the impression it was first come first served for any open bin space (other than F)
"Rules." Often, that's an ambiguous term itself.

But yes, I think you're right with one exception - UA started marking the bins for E+ on many of their aircraft. So I suppose it's also against the "rules" to use one of those bins unless you're seated in E+.
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Originally Posted by flyerbaby19 View Post
Is it against the rules for a passenger to do that? I was always under the impression it was first come first served for any open bin space (other than F)
I don't know about rules but I think it's pretty darn rude to suck up bin space at someone else's row before you even figure out whether there's room near your own seat. It's annoying to get to your seat with empty rows all around and find your bin completely packed.
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Originally Posted by PTahCha View Post
Also at LAX, but they did not board both group 1 and 2 concurrently. Instead, they asked folks with seats in farther aisle (crossovers) to go through door 1, and folks with nearer aisle to go through door 2. Much cleaner that way without the merging nightmare.

We had this happen in NRT on our way to EWR. ABCDE through Door 2, FJKL through Door 1. We pushed back less than 25 minutes after boarding began.
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Originally Posted by fastair View Post
on the 777 with the newest config, Polaris goes significantly past door 2, and the future PE is even farther. Having Polaris go thru door 1 is not efficient for those in the back part of the extended cabin either
Got bitten by this at TPE -- seat assignment was 15A, and despite the signs for J to use 1L and Y to use 2L I thought "I ought to ignore that and use 2L anyway" but out of self-doubt or just being mindless I went through 1L, then wished I'd listened to myself as I slowly made my way through the first half of the cabin and then had to merge into the 2L traffic...

Originally Posted by DenverBrian View Post
So, left side of the plane through 2L and right side through 1L. I assume that would work as long as you had BG1 and BG2 signs and cattle chutes at both doors; you just have to tell people to look at their boarding pass and if it is a seat ABCDE, please go to door 2, and FGHJKL-Z (because you just know UA is trying to figure out 11-across seating at some point), board through door 1.

Doesn't help the poor guy in 1A at all.
1A/D through 8A/D could still use 2L and just turn left Or if you wanted to get really granular 1A/D-4A/D could use 1L
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777HD DEN-LAX today.

I arrived at the tail end of BG1. BG1 and BG2 were not boarded together. F (and preboards at anytime?) had access to L1. BG1 and I assume all remaining groups used L2. FA's were directing people onboard.

We departed ~30 minutes late due to late arriving fuel. It was for the best as we were able to accommodate a few folks that would have misconnected, and we still arrived on time.
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I've seen a variant of this done in TLV a couple years ago -- BG1//2 on one side in sequence, with BG3/4/5 starting in parallel on the other side, with all the issues noted here. And more recently at the same station done "corrrectly": Pull/ask people from the *current* group to go to the other side as needed to keep full volume 2-door boarding without creating the problems here. I'm not sure why it's so hard for the GAs to figure this out, or why their written policies aren't clearer about how to do it.
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