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Originally Posted by Tamino View Post
Heavy traffic is unusual anytime in August. On a Sunday morning in August, there will be no traffic.

The way in which you have constructed your question, I infer that you want to save cost and use your Navigo cards. RER E/B is a simple solution with no additional expense.

No matter the choice, allow one hour transportation time. Reliability with any option, is always a concern. Remain flexible and have alternatives at the ready.
Thanks for confirming my suspicion about no traffic. And yes, since we will be in Paris from Tuesday-Sunday and going a few different places, getting the Navigo weekly pass seemed the best option. One thing I loved about it last time I was in Paris was it making no issue of "extra" Metro rides like going just 2 stops when we are tired at the end of the day and don't feel like walking anymore. Since the bus or train to CDG will be covered by the passes I figured it was worth the extra 15 minutes vs. taking a taxi/Uber. Goldorak, you always are a wise voice and very helpful, but in this case my cheapness wins out.

I think we will end up doing the train- there is an elevator right down to the Haussmann RER E station next to our hotel, so that will be super easy. And the walk from the CDG T2 station to the T2E check-in area is flat and smooth so hopefully no whining from the kids about pulling their bags!

Thanks all.
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