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Originally Posted by LaxAttack View Post
I have been denied the free bag as senator on swiss eco light itineraries to the US (even after upgrading to business). They claimed that the gold will guesture has been phased out. Please keep us posted as to how this plays out for you.

" When booking the Economy Light fare, a fee for checked baggage also applies to Miles & More status customers and Star Alliance Gold members. As a gesture of goodwill, for the time being HON Circle Members, Senators and Star Alliance Gold members can, however, take one piece of baggage up to 23 kg free of charge. This goodwill gesture applies exclusively at the airport check-in counter. When booking a piece of baggage e.g. online or at a travel agency, a baggage charge applies. "

Can't find anything on the terrible LX website (seriously, their website is even worse than that of LH!) but I must assume that the little daughter has the same rules on the light fares that it shares with it's mother..

Probably they enjoy squeezing out the lemon just a bit more from those not complaining enough.. every day a new low at LH group
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