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Originally Posted by skimthetrees View Post
Which part of the wiki says you do not need to convert to get the 30k refund because I do not see that in the wiki and in general it is not true. You must convert to an NC to get the 30k refund. You cancel the OC8 and get a 135k refund, then you order a QP91/NC5 for 105k which leaves you with 30k left over. The only legitimate way to get the points to refund is to cancel the OC cert.

ETA: IF you have an OC cert attached to a reservation at a hotel that has gone up in category you should not detach and convert the cert or you most likely will need to upgrade to the higher new category to reattach. In this case I would ask the rep to gift 30k points to compensate. I am not sure it that would work but it is worth a try.
If you hold a Category 6, 8, or Tier 1-3 legacy certificate, it's ideal to downgrade your certificate before converting so that points don't potentially get lost in the process.
that's what the wiki says - it's not clear you can only get the refund at the same time you convert OC to NC. What i was hoping is was to move the OC8 to an OC7 cert for the 30k refund first, and then convert to a NC5 later.
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