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Originally Posted by wonderman View Post
Call them and ask, if the only objection is that you don't have the required points then you have some confidence, if they refuse to even entertain the concept then your stuck.
I'm about to give it a go myself this week so if you have the option to wait for some feedback I should have something to share, for me it's OC7 to NC7 that I'm going to attempt.
And do not let the excuse you do not have enough points stop you. You can order TP certs without having all the points needed and your points balance will go negative. You may never find another agent willing to entertain the idea of an NC7 conversion so if you find one go ahead and do it even without enough points and your balance will go negative but the order will go through. This happened to me going from an OC8 when the agent mistakenly ordered me an NC6 and my balance went to -30k points. I do not know if there is a limit on how much you can go negative but the system used to allow it. Works like a points advance.

One thing I would ask if you are successful in doing this: do not have buyer's remorse later and call to get it refunded because you decide it costs too many points. If they start looking in to how it happened they may institute some new measures to prevent it.
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