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In certain countries and cities, in such circumstances, actually yes. You know I have a friend in a certain large South American city whose family owns a large and well known hotel. I noticed that after midnight or so, security would often question, ask for keys, or whatever many "Gringos" near the elevators going upstairs with what looked like local women. I asked her if this was not "out of order" and embarassing. She told me, "yes it is" but............before they did this, they would have half a dozen cases a year of "gringos" being drugged and robbed, and all sorts of other issues that ultimately involved law enforcement, including a death. After implementing the policy, this went down to ZERO. The tradeoff, two cases of wives or real girlfriends being treated as prostitutes..............

It is a tough one for hotels. I have also witnessed in Thailand, at even "top" hotels, local friends entering with their "gringo" boyfriends and just immediately going to the front desk and handing over their ID's.

Certain places just have these issues, and I would posit that in Costa Rica this guys story is by far the minority and the hotel instituted this to try and discourage guests from bringing new and temporary friends back to the hotel, because in theis "day and age" that is what often and regularly goes on in certain places.
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