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Originally Posted by Jaimito Cartero View Post
Unless the person is with you when you initially check in, good luck with that.
Easily. Never had any issues checking in whomever I wished. Nothing obliges you to check in simultaneously with the second guest.

P. S. As I know, in some smaller towns in Vietnam a foreigner is not allowed to bring a local national due to some regulation – but then it is not based on supposed occupation (i.e. your girlfriend won't be allowed too, not just escorts) and hotel does not use it as a reason to squeeze cash from you (they just don't allow regardless). I don't know how that fits with the international chains policies – I assume it is a violation of contract unless rate rules clearly mention something like "Vietnamese nationals not allowed in", and you can get a full refund plus compensation in a case the property puts you in trouble.
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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
I've never experienced the fee for guests visiting a hotel room (not overnight) in Argentina or Brazil. In fact, I've never noticed any indication that the hotel noticed or cared.

OTOH, I have noticed a hotel in Bangkok keeping ID's at the desk of Thai women who were visiting hotel rooms with (foreign) men, late at night.

In Prague, a bunch of people observed a (foreign, possibly from the USA although he was speaking English with a Russian accent) guy bring a different local woman to the lounge every day and staff apparently never challenged him and never did anything about it. He seemed to be too cheap to even pay for a snack for his "dates."

Were they even dates? Do you realize there are European women who don’t expect a date to pay and instead want the costs split and/or low, or that maybe eating in the lounge was just convenient and not as cheap as going to McDonalds?

Most of my hotels in Latin America don’t seem to have this kind of fee, but most of them do seem to have some lookouts for prostitutes and demanding registration/ID of the suspected prostitutes; but the vigilance is higher at some dark hours than during the daylight hours and higher on some days than others. Hanging out in the hotel lobby and seeing major US airlines pilots in Latin America coming back late at night has been a real education in how things can go at hotels in Argentina and Brazil.

Women guests bringing in men late at night (and men bringing in men) are way less likely to face a “hooker fee” and/or registration demand than men bringing in women. And there is definitely a market for male prostitutes to provide services to women and/or men, smaller as it is than the market for female prostitutes’ services, but that’s no good justification to engage in racist, sexist and ageist profiling and thereby insulting guests and their visitors.

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