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Originally Posted by NeGourmand View Post
Honestly not much of a surprise, but maybe a record for brief duration? I doubted I would get shutdown by a comparatively low tier issuer when others have allowed more leeway.

1. SHUTdn by Bank, Credit Card info. (@m3x, chs3 ,c1t1 and [email protected]) Discover (it miles)
2. Length of account before closure and CL? 2 weeks, $5k
3. Average monthly account balance checking and savings? None
4. Volume of ms per month and how many months? $10k over 4 days, payment wasn’t releasing CL after second cycle
5. Cycle CL? Yes
6. Did you BP using both options? Yes WMBPs
7. Did you spell out the bank's full name in an internet forum? No
Did you inquire about the payment not crediting toward CL and that's what drew attention to your account? The issuer in question has long had a policy of not crediting payments toward one's available credit for 8 days if a payment is made less than 3 days after a prior payment, even if it's initiated via the issuer. There is a message displayed on their website, but of course you wouldn't see the message having pushed a WMBP.

Of course you hit this much too hard too fast with only a 2-week old account, but anyone looking to rake in a large double cashback payment in the 13th statement should take heed. If you get a shutdown there is no recourse so you only get 1.5% instead of 3%, or even less if you lose cashback on the current statement cycle too.
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