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Everything would be copacetic if indeed you were paying multiple medical bills. But you are doing MSing and not an insignificant amount of it either.

How hard will it be for Chase to follow the payments and see that they aren't going to MD Anderson Cancer Center or it's ilks? That's what they need the 10 days for. They are going to track those payments and expenses. So I wish you the best of luck but I would immediately follow Mammibear's advice and move your points out of Chase ASAP.

Just remember that the phone people haven't got a clue. I deal with Chase and they are a hard case. They closed one of my CC's because of inactivity and no matter what my personal banker's did with the CC side of their business, they would have none of it. (And I am far from a bad customer). They "let" me open a new card, but it was not as "favorable" as the one they closed.
They just march to a different drummer.

Please let us know the outcome.
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