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Thanks everyone for constructive criticism. I appreciate all the comments
I called Chase today and asked if I am banned. They said Im def not banned and can continue to bank at Chase. I can reapply for cards in future, but not now.

In early December I called Chase to increase my credit line. I explained terminal illness, that I was planning to put big charges on my card, They gave the OK and increase. After 2nd payment, funds took several days to clear due to xmas so I called in to check, and at same time asked if it was ok to spend another $20K in next few days. The rep noted my account and sent confirmation email. After spend I made payment.

So the missed payment started as an error from TD Ameritrade. The funds never sent at all but the process initialized from the mobile app and was out of sync. TD Bank was expecting a transfer but didnt get it, the balance on the account increased because the account had enough funds already to cover the transfer, but because funds never came, the account went on hold behind the scenes
. Chase tried to collect funds from accnt that was not available. TD Ameritrade and TD bank reimbursed for fees incurred and both confirmed that me the client wouldnt have seen this as it all happened behind the scene.

When I spoke to chase today, now they said the closed accounts were because of the missed payment.
They said they pulled my credit report and noticed I had applied for 3 chase cards, 2 business and CSR, in past yr and 2 amex card there after, too many inquiries
They also stated that my credit card debts werent reflected on my report.

I asked for third review and explained the missed payment.
I told them I never carry debt as i balance my accounting weekly. The Hyatt charges were paid from brokerage distributions already so no debt was sent to credit report. My utilization is always <1%
I also stated that after this issue I opened a Schwarb Brokerage account and was offered a Platinum card which i took.
I said Im not a churner, if I was, I could have cancelled my old Hyatt card and reapplied for a new bonus, but i upgraded with no bonus, and why would i hold onto a 28yr old freedom card.

They said they will get back to me in 10 days.
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