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Planning and booking tips
There are a few tips and online tools which you should be aware and familiar with, and these will help you a lot when booking Tier Point runs.
  • When pricing up comparative routes, Google Flights is by far the most speedy and simple method. Enter origin and destination; dates of travel; select business class; select oneworld in Airline filter; then Expand map to display requested route and comparative fares for nearly destinations.
  • If you need greater complexity, the ITA Matrix tool is highly recommended. It displays a wider range of options than Google Flights and detailed fare rules. Itís great for trip planning at a forensic level. Note, the ITA Matrix tool cannot be used to book tickets
  • If booking AA runs familiarise yourself with's Multi-City booking tool. Don't leave more than 24 hours between flights. Use the Sort by schedule option to locate the exact flights you found on the ITA Matrix tool.
  • Select city pairs (if possible) in excess of 2,000 miles apart (see charts below)
  • It is worth adding a few cautionary words about AA Domestic First where the service shares a flight number with an international flight, as J, D, and I class inventory may be sold before regular F, A, and P inventory is offered for sale on the down gauged domestic flight(s).
  • Avoid AA codeshare flights on non-oneworld metal. There is no TP credit on these flights
  • More information about using the ITA Matrix tool, planning trips that begin in Continental Europe and Ireland, as well as airports favourable to back-to-back turnarounds, see Ex-Mainland Europe Travel Planning Guide and Back-to-back / Immediate Turnarounds at BA Destinations

How to use itamatrix & booking
itamatrix is a very powerful tool when pricing up fares but it requires a certain amount of knowledge to get really good results. There are a huge number of places on FT and beyond which offer tutorials and tips on how to use itamatrix.

There are some excellent worked examples in this thread from rossmacd showing how to use itamatrix to get some of the more complex itineraries. For example see these two posts:

Searching for a LAX-PTY run - and
Searching for a OTP-PHX run -

Guides to using the ITA Matrix tool can be found here, and here, and externally here.

More guides can also be found at the following sites:

Turning Left for Less

Head for Points

The Points Guy


Also some specific advice on using some advanced routings codes can be found: - search on aircraft type - search on booking class - search on booking class and connection time

Although you canít book trips on itamatrix, there are now a number of tools which will turn an itamatrix quote to a site where the trip can be booked.

Book with matrix -
ITA powertools
ITA-Matrix-PowerTools - ITA-Matrix-PowerTools - Userscript for Orbitz/DL/UA/AA/BA/CZ/IB/LA/LH/LX/TK

I used the method as outlined in the wiki in the ITA-Matrix-PowerTools thread. If using chrome go to tapermonkey and install the plug in Visit the script on this page - you should be asked whether you want to install the script. That's it. Next time you use itamatrix it should just work automatically and you should see the additional text at the top of the search page, and all the links to take you through to various booking sites on the right of the quote page.

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