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Originally Posted by stu1985 View Post
Great report so far. I went to the Christmas markets in Prague last year and loved my time there. Also managed a lot of the ham (and mulled wine!) while walking around!

Looking forward to the rest!
Thanks, stu1985. We never tried the ham, and I wasn't a fan of the mulled wine I had previously, so no experience with either this time around

Originally Posted by benjahman View Post
Enjoying this report chongl
I like to think the traveling get's a bit easier as they get older. We recently completed an Asia trip and some domestic travel with our 2 year old and as long as you can keep them well fed and entertained, it's relatively easy and painless. Happy Holidays!
Agreed! This trip was a lot easier than the last and hopefully that's a trend that continues. Happy holidays!

Originally Posted by NeedstoFly View Post
V impressed by your appetite!
NeedstoFly, I try to pig out as much as I can since I never know how long it will be before I have a chance to return
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