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Originally Posted by KARFA View Post
I thought all WTP fare buckets (W,E,T) are upgradable with avios? Do you have anymore detail on this?
Under normal circumstances yes, however Amex do buy up discounted mixed inventory which includes flights that are in un-upgradable fare buckets. Such situations include heavy discounted packaged deals where AMEX splits out the hotel section and sells the flight/accommodation separately.

As another recent example I also purchased BA flights from an OTA included in a package ( to Punta Cana ) WT out and WTP back. Nearer the time I asked if it was posible to upgrade the return to club and was told yes but the WTP fare bucket had to upgraded from a non up-gradable class to an up-gradable one as the current bucket was non standard. How its possible to upgrade from a non up-gradable class I have no idea but the WTP fare had to repriced before I could get the price to upgrade.

Apparently its more common that you would think as it is very profitable.

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