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Originally Posted by Often1 View Post
This is a BA IT faul and there is no reason why BA staff at LHR should be aware of what TSA Pre-Check is.

As GE participants, you are eligible for expedited security processing (Pre-Check) when departing a US airport on a carrier participating in Pre-Check. BA is a participant. Thus, when you check in for your return flight to the UK, the Pre-Check logo should appear and you will then be able to use the Pre-Check line at TSA. BA's IT should suppress the printing of the logo on a departure from other than the US, but it apparently does not.

If you are flying onwards on AA, simply check-in on the AA app or pull a new AA boarding pass at any kiosk or from any AA agent on arrival and, presuming that you have properly entered your GE number in your AA profile, you should see the Pre-Check logo.

If for any reason you have not entered your GE number in your AA profile, you can do that online, by phone, or with any agent on arrival. Depending on the time of day, there may even be AA agents wandering around the CBP sterile area who can assist from a tablet.

​​​​​​​Can't say I agree.

If BA print a boarding pass for the internal leg on AA they should be aware of Pre-check. I doubt I am the first or the last to ask why it is not showing, especially when they print it on the BA ticket.

Sure as was said earlier the system may not allow the data, but the check-in staff especially in first, should be aware of such and advise accordingly.

Let's face it there are not any other countries that have this and so it would not be much to learn

To say that they have never heard of it when BA are part of it smacks of poor training.

If it isn't possible then fair enough but just say that instead of showing ignorance

Their colleague in the CCR wasn't too impressed and said they should have known, but sadly many are poor. He did ask which colored name badge they wore as this indicates their status apparently

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