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Originally Posted by BearX220 View Post
It's far from quick if the Interstate is flowing normally. 30+ minutes with 12 stops between the airport and Westlake Center, plus dwell time and walking at both ends, when you can drive it in 15 or 20. And the route coils around through various neighborhoods; it is anything but a straight shot. But as traffic congestion gets worse and worse in the Seattle area I expect the rail alternative will look better in relative terms.
I have to agree with this. I stopped taking it because it really is kind of a hassle unless you live right downtown. I have found it takes about 40 minutes+, especially when you figure in the wait time for it. I prefer to just park at the airport and take a shuttle. Bear is right though, as traffic gets worse, it will be a better option. When it opens in Northgate I will probably give it a shot again, as I will not have to wait for a bus, transfer, etc.
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