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Originally Posted by lallied View Post
Good question. However means have to keep getting up all night and demonstrating is flat (and often SD is on break) and then wait while they reset then get back down and try and sleep and then up again and do it all again. Get no sleep at all. And invariably have to chase SD round to try and get form - never offered except once. I find it embarrassing as clearly AC think people are trying it on. And to be fair was watching another pax on another flight trying to persuade SD and a tech person who came on board was flat when seemingly wasn’t presumably in hopes of comp. After an argument they went away after saying it was as inflated as it ever gets, he seemed fine for the 5hr flight AND the next pax in same seat had no issues on a TPAC (and not a lightweight either) even though I warned him previous pax said was deflating. I am however making sure put on manifest/ report in hopes they get fixed. I’ll write in I guess but they will just say no form no comp.

PS I guess I’M finally deflated by deflategate - I can reset on screen with one eye open and have otherwise given up
I felt the same way about my last TATL flight with a deflated seat.

I'm tired, the SD doesn't really care and all I want to do is get as comfortable as possible. So I pushed until it became apparent that he was more concerned about missing his supper break and then gave up and suffered. But I did complain (at length) online and did get similar comp to what I have received before. I even named the SD, although I am not confident that will have any impact on anything. Like many other aspects of their so-called "Signature" service, mediocrity and inconsistency seem to rule the day here. But at least the promotional materials look nice.

I have been making active decisions to not fly on Air Canada. Like I said in my most recent complaint:

"I know you have a problem, and I know that you know you have a problem. I understand through the grapevine that you and your supplier are trying to fix it. But until you do (and hopefully communicate it to at least your Super Elites), I am actively avoiding AC 777 and 787 metal. "

I have one more TPAC coming up this year and, since I am travelling with three of my colleagues, sadly it make sense for me to join them on some AC flights. But I am not happy about it, and maybe even a little stressed.

But the last time I checked AC does not claim to be a discount carrier, I am the customer here and someone has paid good money for me to sit in that seat. So, I will adopt the ethos of complain early and complain often, if needed.
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