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Originally Posted by Ichinensei View Post
Sorry, rookie questions. I havent been in the game for 3 years now. The last time was 2015.
Looks like lots have changed! yyz to sin is now 90K ?? wth.

Ok, here is my situation. Will be flying to Asia in MArch.

Wife wants to do YYZ to HKG, HKG to HND and HND back to YYZ. Stops in HKG and Japan
YYZ to HKG and HND to YYZ is fine. Diret flights and available. We want direct flights because a) flying with a 23 month old and b) Mother in law is coming along and she holds a Malaysia passport so cannot connect through USA - they too lazy to go through the lenghty process of getting a US visa.

SO when i search HKG to HND, or even ICN to HND, or TPE to HND, busines and economy, all i get is 2 stops, or 1 stops with long layover. is it normal now that it is almost impossible to get direct flights between the big cities? i've checked multiple cities and dates
don't forget ANA operates HKG to NRT as well
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