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Originally Posted by JapanFlyerT View Post
Same question. I have an old 6. Lots of 5 in places I’d like to stay, very few 4 (none in Japan).
Check the wiki. You would need to find an agent willing to cancel your OC6 and order you a QP91. This would cost an extra 30k points over the OC6 cert (assuming 7 nights) to switch to an NC5. People have been able to do this since 8/18 but more recently there have been a lot of denials. Most agents have been informed not to allow upgrades so I would not ask for an upgrade. Assuming your cert is unattached I would tell the agent that I understood that I needed to change my old TP cert to a new one in order to use it now, after getting confirmation from them that this is correct to make sure they are not clueless, I would tell them I would like to cancel my old cert and order a new QP91 cert and ask them if they are familiar with the process and can do this for you.

QP91 is an NC5 but given the pushback people have been getting trying to upgrade categories I would not mention the NC5 category. I would just tell them I wanted them to order an QP91 cert (as part of the process to convert your old cert to new cert). I would start with calling a UK agent since previously reports were they were more helpful. You might have to HUCA a few times and it may or may not work. If an agent is unwilling to convert to a QP91 you do not have them cancel the old cert and order a new NC4 cert. Once you get a new cert it is exponentially harder to get an upgrade. Your best chance is to get upgraded when converted from the old cert to the new cert.

7-night packages
  • NC4 QP83 = OC5 830T/P830 (refund value: 45K)
  • NC4 QP87 = OC6 870T/P870 (refund value: 75K)
  • NC5 QP91 = OC7 910T/P910 (refund value: 105K)
  • NC5 QP95 = OC8 950T/P950 (refund value: 135K)
  • NC6 QP99 = OC9 990T/P990 (refund value: 165K)
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