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Had queue jumpers many times in supermarkets/department stores in Hong Kong. But even the cashiers are becoming less immune to those from the Mainland, sharply rebuking them to join the queue when they wouldn't have before.
Thank you for finally pointing out that it's not the Hong Kongese that are the queue jumpers.

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For the cashiers who just shrug their shoulders and serve the queue jumper first, I have 'spited' myself by waiting for them to serve me, have them ring up all the items, look them in the eye as put my purse back in my handbag, and walk away. (On the old tills everything had to be voided one by one, sometimes with a manager involved. You waste my time, I'll waste yours.)

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Queues are strange things in China. Sometimes the queue is respected intensely, to the point of beating up queue jumpers (worse than above), but often it's not with everyone ignoring the queue.
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