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Originally Posted by StuckinITH View Post
...They can be sorry but not sorry enough to make sure that you get your connecting flight. UA delivered me one hour and 8 minutes late in ORD. I ran all the way from Gate C11 to Gate F27. Missed the 15 minutes deadline by 1 minute so found the door closed. I wished that they had sent me a notification when they offloaded me, I would have stopped running. In total, there were 5 passengers from the DEN flight that did not make the connection to my destination.

The whole close the door early to make whatever metric they are trying to achieve is annoying when the reason you (the pax) are delayed is caused by United. I am not talking about closing the door late, most of the time these days my flight leaves EARLY.

I appreciate they give you the warning you need to be there 15 mins before the door closes but if United caused the delay and knows where the pax are transferring from I think they should allow the connecting pax the courtesy of making the connection. Wish United would close the door for an on-time departure not an early departure.

Before some of you get on your high horse I am not talking about pushing back late.
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