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Originally Posted by fivenue View Post
Sure, everyone read T&Cs in detail, word by word, prior to checking on every stay. Good comment.
I guess I should stick with Marriott/SPG brand then, even though Hyatt, Hilton, and few other chains have granted me some courtesy, with or without status. And for the most part, especially when traveling for work, I usually leave early in the morning anyway.
So, when a chain "advertise" to its highest guest level, I'd assume the same courtesy would be granted, and if not possible, then should be communicated properly and in advance.
My point, the [moderator edit] mgr should have called much earlier, whether or not I could do a late check out, not 10 minutes before I got kicked out.
Then as you said, case closed, and put that property on my [moderator edit] do not stay list.

Anyway, mod please close this thread. My point of having this thread was to find out if any helpful FTers got the info to contact the chain mgmt.
Turn out, I got the exec contact myself
I have found over the last few decades with the exception of having status with SPG,Hyatt or Marriott that guaranteed a late check-out time that the others would tell me to call in the morning and ask and usually all I got if anything was an extra 1/2 an hour an hour tops

I agree getting a call 10 mins prior wasnt called for, I also did the Diamond match up from Plat, nothing to lose the major difference is Im not expecting squat because of it, if I get something fine but when they will know it wasnt earned the hard way and I never stayed at that property before and wont ever again and Im sure they will know that I dont hav emy expectatuions set on anything other then what anyone w/o status will get. No DYKWIA for me especially on a status match!

I dont get why you didnt call the morning of to see if its been granted, anytime I dont get a call back and I want something I have no qualms about calling again
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