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Arrived at the Ritz Boston this weekend to be greeted with a "Dear Guest" letter telling me that there was extremely limited housekeeping, no room service, no bar, no turndown, no lounge, very limited restaurants, etc. The hotel never bothered to tell me before arrival--even though I spoke to the hotel about my upcoming stay--so that I could have found a different hotel. (Contrary to the letter, they did have some housekeeping, but the "staff" were wearing jeans and t-shirts. The other services were all unavailable.) I felt boxed in by having already paid for the room and therefore forced to cross the picket lines every day.

The picket line is EXTREMELY LOUD and woke me up at 7am each morning (despite being a dozen floors up). You can hear the drumming on 5 gallon buckets from blocks away. The entire hotel has the feeling of being under siege. The only thing I can liken it to would be a hotel after a natural disaster that is just trying to get by. This is not a way to run a luxury hotel.

The worst part is that my two calls to SPG customer service asking them to get involved were met with defensive denials that they knew anything about a strike followed by an unwillingness to do anything to help. I thought I made a pretty reasonable request: please move me to an equivalent room at the same rate at the Liberty (same category hotel), but that idea was flatly rejected. I still don't even know how to contact customer relations to get this addressed (suggestions welcome).

Btw, if the Marriott I stayed at in June thought it was important to proactively let me know that their pool was closed, why doesn't this rate proactive outreach to arriving guests?
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