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Originally Posted by Atacama40 View Post
Just an unrelated follow up Q please (you clearly a guy who knows his EK product) .... I read about a new First bar product that was to be introduced onto 380's .... well new to me only doing a few EK's a year. Here's a link....

Is this something you tend to see on the LHR / JNB routes? ... the new bar that is. Cheers
The bar is not a First bar, but a shared Business and First. There is a small bar area at the front of F, but I don't believe that's changed.

As for the new main bar, reports haven't been favourable due to the new seating arrangements. Most of the recent A380s have been 2 class, so you won't see these on the LHR route (and probably not on JNB). So, it's very unlikely you'll see the new bar.
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