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Originally Posted by skywardhunter View Post
no, none of the LHR flights have new F, AS new F is only available on the 77W and LHR is serviced by A380s (there was a single 77W for a while but not sure if it's still there and it most likely wouldn't be new F)

JNB flights are 76x Not 73x, and I think 768 is the A380 flight while the rest are 77Ws, though none have been with the new F to my knowledge (new F is only "guaranteed" to STN, GVA, BRU and FRA, though any day could see a switch to a different aircraft hence my use of inverted commas)
Ah shame, I got disproportionately excited there for 30 mins :-) .... yes read about the 777 cabins but got the impression LHR was next for some reason. And you absolutely right it is 76x on JNB, just checked that. Thanks for the steer.

Mind there's not much so shabby about the current EK first. Isn't it weird the excitement a new cabin evokes in a fifty year old bloke? I remember pulling an HK flight on BA forward a week as they had A380 monogrammed pyjamas in First that first week or two of A380 coming on board. Sad! Memo to self ... don't be admitting to shallow stuff like that on line!!! :-)
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