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I am feel everyone's pain. After getting locked out of transferring points prematurely, My lifetime totals are all wrong. I have been a SPG member since 2002. They only are giving me credit from 2017. I have email confirmations showing the status and nights and no help when I call, but a them creating a case # for someone "to review at some point".

I have 529 nights at Marriott (not counting SPG) and have been platinum every year since 2012 and they are showing me with 4 years of status and NONE of them platinum. I have about 12 years in total (over gold) dating back to when I started. Nobody can fix it, but they see it when reviewing my account on the phone. They don't have the "authority" to fix it but did create a CASE #.

So I have NO clue where I stand toward LTPP and nobody seems to care. I have about 20 hours on the phone with my problems with Marriott over the past month. I will never get that time back. The fact that they didn't prioritize merging accounts of their highest level clients first is plain stupid.
Forget the fact that my recents stays are still wrong and I am owed for 1 meeting still.

Oh and BTW while typing this I thought I would call and see if there were any updates to my cases. I just got hung up on after 16 minutes on hold.
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