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Originally Posted by CPRich View Post
To re-post what I posted 2 days ago.

The old Category 5 was number 5 of 14 levels (9 Marriott, 5 RC), which was effectively 12, as the two lowest RC were below the top Marriott program.

The new Category 4 is number 4 of 8 levels in the combined program.

The old Category 5 cost 25K Marriott points. The new Category 4 costs 25K new program points. Marriott points and new program points translated at 1:1.

Of the 946 previous Marriott Category 5 properties, 503 are now Category 4, 307 are Category 3, and 1 is category 2. Six properties moved to Category 5 and are no longer available.

By contrast, 471 previous Marriott Category 6, 77 previous Category 7, and 4 Ritz-Carlton Tier 1 properties are now Category 4 or lower, newly available to you.

So you lost 6 and gained 552 Marriott properties accessible with your certificate. You also gained 965 SPG properties at Cat 4 or lower.

Wanna stay at the Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa? Moxy New York City? AC New York? AC Bourbon Street? Three Ritz-Carlton's in China? Sheraton Gran Canaria Salobre Golf Resort? All previous Cat 7/RC/SPG5 now available to you.

Can you post which previous Cat 5 legacy MR property is now not available with a new program Cat 4 award? My data tells me these are the 6 properties you lose, none of which are "downtown major city location"s

Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel
Eugenia de Montijo, Autograph Collection
JW Marriott Hotel New Delhi Aerocity
Marriott's Villas at Doral
Paragraph Resort & Spa Shekvetili, Autograph Collection
Residence Inn Temecula Murrieta

I'd like to know if my data is faulty, as it's directly from Marriott.
This is a great analysis CPRich. If I am reading it correctly, you looked at previous cat 5s and where they migrated, and other than the six you listed they all are still available with the Chase free night cert, while SPG and some previous cat 6 or higher properties are now available for a big net add.

However, are there are any FORMER cat 4s or lower that are now new category 5 or higher? Those hotels would have been accessible before with these certs, but are no longer. Not sure if anything fits, but there were some big jumps from previous cat 7 to new cat 4, so I'm guessing there are ones that went the other way?
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