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Originally Posted by rny321 View Post
I edited the Wiki.

It appears NC4 is QP83, NC5 is QP91, NC6 is QP99. Assuming my original guess is right, NC7 is QP107.

Happy received a NC80 which coded as QP80 which seems to be a special case.
QP80 is the +30k conversion (from Nick's work). Same as QP88 and I presume 96.

OC5->NC4-45 QP83
OC6->NC4-75 QP80
OC7->NC5-105 QP91
OC8->NC5-135 QP88
OC9->NC6-165 QP99
OCT3->NC6-195 QP96
OCT5->NC7-315 QP107

The last two are guesses.

​​​​​​​Few data points suggest that upgrades and downgrades are being allowed based on the point values attached to the category designation. Maybe this is by design for implementation after Sept18, maybe a one time only, or maybe something allowed in the system but not supposed to happen. Might be worth attempting to upgrade if that is your aim before that option is closed, if in fact it will be.
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