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You are looking at dates around Christmas , so even though Turkey , Saudi & Malaysia are Muslim countries , the seats will be occupied by some Christmas period tourists who will not usually change their holiday plans (as opposed to business travellers who are more likely to), so if you wait , then you risk increase in fares as availability will be less.
However if you're just looking for 1-seat then maybe worth waiting for a special offer to arrive and quickly grabbing the seat.
depends on how much a gambler you are ,also think about your plan B if that gamble in waiting for a lower fare in biz wouldn't work ! I would think that at Christmas period, the biz class fares at promotion price will fill their quota,especially the sector from saudi to KUL and vv .
So far plan B is flying to nearby Milan ang get Omar flight for 500 euros+upgrade from Milan to Muscat as its night flight. (other leg is daytime and so return)
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