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Hello all,

We were able to get answers to some of your questions and appreciate your continued patience.

Originally Posted by seandr View Post
Hi Starwood Lurker,
I currently have a travel package certificate expiring in early Sep (before Sep 18th) , I was hoping to wait and book a SPG hotel after the merger.
Can you please let me know in such case can you extend my certificate by some time?
Travel package certificates expiring during the blackout period may be extended upon request.

Originally Posted by ctownflyer View Post
You could do that by announcing how the certificates will map to the new categories...
Originally Posted by Shawn Wei View Post
so what would be the redemption rate for those old certificates if we are not using them before Aug 18?
We will convert existing certificates to similarly valued categories after 8/18. Members who know their travel plans should make reservations prior to 8/18. You will not be able to modify your certificate for an existing reservation or attach it to a new one 8/18-9/18.

Originally Posted by lincoln841 View Post
Hey there,
Is being able to cancel a 7 night Marriott reward for points official policy? Will you still be able to cancel post-merger?
Members will be able to cancel and get points back at a reduced amount.

Originally Posted by PrivatePilot View Post
I guess as a follow up to this question: will it be possible to upgrade/ downgrade these legacy certs post Sept 18th similar to how we can today?
After 8/18, certificates cannot be upgraded or downgraded, regardless of when they were purchased.

Originally Posted by PrivatePilot View Post
Thanks! The two questions I have are:
1. Can you share how the old category certs will map to the new category certs?
2. Once converted, will I be able to upgrade/ downgrade the new certificates like I do today and if so, what will be the cost to do so?
See answers above.

Originally Posted by kodansha999 View Post
how do you use the certificates on SPG properties before 18/8?
If you have an existing Travel Package and would like to use for a SPG hotel, you will need to wait until after 9/18. Or, you can redeem points for a new Travel Package under the new program starting 8/18, including SPG hotels.

Originally Posted by tth6133 View Post
Hi Alex,
Will I be able to cancel an reservation with an attached certificate between Aug 18 and Sept 18? If so, will I recover the certificate upon cancellation as if it were never attached in the first place? Thanks.
Between 8/18 and 9/18, you can cancel a Travel Package reservation, but you will not be able to rebook until after 9/18.

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