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Originally Posted by Athena53
I wish I could.

I donated in December. In February I went to India on business. I'm now deferred for 6 months (malaria risk) and I'm likely to go to India within that time- I may end up deferred as long as I have this job. Really unfortunate- I'm gloriously healthy otherwise and would like to help those who aren't.
I was told you have to wait for 12 months afetr your return from India. In the last 10 years, I have gone to India once a year on an average. Whenever I have been away for India for more than 12 months I donate at the first opportunity. My last trip to India was in Nov 2002. I have been donating every two months since then. The last time I donated, May 23rd, I felt a liottle light headed later that night (I am diabetic). I called the number I had been given. They took my phone number nad had a a doctor calle me within a few minutes. He said that I shouldn't donate within two months before a trip overseas since he wanted me to be healthy on my trip abroad. My next trip oversdeas is expected to be in August, I think I will go ahead an donate in the next two weeks. I am B+ BTW.
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