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Originally Posted by alc View Post
My recent AS travel package with expedite took 6 business days. Called in on a Monday evening and got the miles Tuesday evening the week after.
Originally Posted by yrs View Post
I redeemed a TP two weeks ago - credited my miles to AS.
The transfer took about 3 days.
Originally Posted by coolfish1103 View Post
I think the mileage request for AS is processed every Monday, but your request must be made by Friday in order for it to go in the account on Monday.
Originally Posted by estnet View Post
It may be that the transfers only happen on Sunday (which is true for cc miles as explained by an AS rep) and explains a lot of the variance in my "expedited" transfers taking 5 - more days.
I dont know which day of the week the regular AS redemption is, but I do know for regular redemption, it generally posted the Wed the next week.

There was a poster many pages ago said he had paid $15 to expedite it, on Jul 18 Wed, before 2pm EST, when he checked his AS account after 6pm but before 7pm (I forgot the exact time), the miles already in his AS account.
His is truly expedited.

The reps would tell you expedite takes maximum 3 business days.

In my situation, after I gave up on the previous call that the rep never came back after an hour, I made another call just before noon. After on hold for about 12 to 13 min got a rep that turned out to be a home-based rep in San Antonio, TX. She took the trouble to fully review the redemption (that none of the rep on Tuesday had done, all just told me it would take 3 business days like a robot), and found out there was NO expedite done on the redemption.

The AS number is correct, but the redemption has not gone anywhere, i.e. no expedite has ever done.

At this point I just want to make sure the miles are ordered, and not being stuck in the system. She said they were definitely ordered but she would need to make a phone call then got back to me.

Upon came back on the call, she told me she had conferred with a supervisor who then went ahead to cancel the existing redemption due to no miles has been sent yet, and reordered a new package plus putting the miles to expedite, should show up in my account Next Tuesday, literally just one day earlier than an ordinary redemption made between now and before Weekend. (those would show up on Next Wed.).

I noticed the activities in my account while we were still on the phone. I also received the Cancellation / Re-ordered package email confirmations. On the re-ordered package email this time it shows both the cert for the hotel nights AND the cert for the Airline Miles.

They also deposited 10K Goodwill pts into my account WITHOUT my ever touched the topic. So the supervisor knew it was a screw up and proactively gave Goodwill pts.

The home-based rep was very competent. She mentioned yesterday they had gone thru some massive training - presumably for the postponed program merger date to August 18th. After we finished the "official matter" I asked if I could do survey so to give positive feedback on her service because she is the first one who actually went thru the record to determine what has or has not done. All previous reps just brushed me off on the "takes 3 business day" chorus line.
She thanked me for the kind gesture and asked for my permission to send me the phone survey which came after she left the call when I was still on my end, i.e. not hang up. I gave questions related to her directly the highest mark of 9. I gave the Marriott transition efforts / phone system / etc marks between 4 and 5 - that to me is already being charitable.

Hope the above help.
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