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Originally Posted by b.xiao View Post
I'm a newly minted CX DM...
You are 16 and I am 64. Permit me to give you a bit of Life Advice from the perspective of someone who hasn't seen 16 in decades.

Enjoy being 16. Seriously. Enjoy being 16 while you can.

If I could wave a magic wand and get my 16-year old self back for a day and I had to spend some layover hours in LAX, sitting around a stuffy lounge with a bunch of old people would be the LAST thing I would want to do. Boooooooring.

I would go explore the airport as much as possible staying airside. I would go all over TBIT, checking out Umami Burger because at 16 I could eat like a pig and never gain weight. I'd browse through the shops, perhaps buying a little gift for parents and siblings. Once I saw everything there was to see in TBIT, I'd go through the connector to T4, visit the Homeboy Industries cafe (great food!) and see all I could in T4. Then the tunnel to T5, perhaps doing a little jog in the tunnel if possible and burn off some of those calories.

Explore T5, etc.

With luck, you might see a group of teenagers at a departure gate, sitting on the floor playing cards, waiting for a delayed flight. Join them for a few minutes, find out where they are from, where they are going and share your story with them.

Exploring the airport and meeting other teenagers sounds like MUCH MORE FUN than sitting in a lounge, even a very luxurious lounge, to my 16-year old self. At that age, I would have hated having to just sit in one place for hours. Even in my 30s, connecting through DFW, I used to walk through the entire A-C concourses, especially enjoying the bouncy foot massage feeling of the moving sidewalks in the connector.

Now, at 64, sitting in one place in a comfy chair doing Sudoku is more attractive than walking around on creaky knees. Lounges were made for folks like me. The rest of the world is open to folks like you.
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