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Originally Posted by jayzala View Post
I have been flying this config twice a week, and I have to say that row 7D & E seats are my favorite. They still recline and it feels very roomy since there is really nothing around you or above you, and there are only 2 of you in the row. You can even store your personal item below the first class seats in the other cabin during take off and landing. I will select these seats from now on.
I couldn't disagree more. Sat in 7D yesterday with my wife in 7E, and will avoid those two seats on any future flights.

Yes, you do get a bit more leg room, especially in 7D since you can extend your legs into the aisle. You're also the first out the door once the plane lands, which is nice. However, those perks come at a significant cost:
  • The orientation and tightness of the galley means you feel like you're sitting in the galley with the FA while he/she prepares the bar cart/coffee/tea (the flip side is I now know more than I ever thought I would about the details of how the bar carts are loaded and built). The FA has to pull the cart out of the galley into the open space in front of you and row 8A-C in order to assemble and prepare it, because there is no open space in the galley for prep.
  • The tightness of the galley means that while the FA in front of you is prepping, everyone else has to squeeze by, and often needs to stand in your leg room in order to get by.
  • The service carts have to turn 90 degrees to go from secured to up/down the aisle, and space is tight so you'll probably have to lean away from the aisle to not get bumped
  • You have no overhead bins above you, which means that you MUST put your bags behind you. You have to be quick and pushy once landed to get your stuff before the aisle is blocked (jayzala was able to put his/her bags in front of the last F row, but on my flight, crew bags occupied all of that space)
The galley tightness also soured the experience of people in 8A-C on my flight, and the FAs, while doing an admirable job, also looked cramped and a bit stressed.

It was bad enough I commented on the post-flight survey that UA should leave the galley as is and omit the 7D/E seats in future retrofits.

There's a couple other things worth mentioning too:
  • The overhead light is built into the roof of the plane. You'll need to be tall AND standing to reach it. It's a superwhite LED that flooded the entire row with bright light -- great if you all want to read, but it ended up disturbing my seat mate. I think the lenses in the lights are the same as the rest of the plane, so focused assuming an overhead bin to seat distance not a roof to seat distance. That wrong focal distance means light floods more area than usual. Let me say again, the lights are BRIGHT. I would hate sitting in that row trying to sleep while a seatmate reads.
  • Since you're sitting in front of a door, you have no window. There's a fisheye porthole on the exit door, but you won't see much. If you don't care about windows, though, it won't bother you
  • The galley light is above the aisle, so it's even brighter than usual sitting near the galley on a night flight, even with the cabin lights fully dimmed..
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