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guv1976’s advice is good. I’d add to that the following:

If you want to spend time in NY or Philly, do it at the beginning or end of the trip, to minimize the hassle of dealing with a rental car around the city—parking it, driving it in/out of town, etc. Also be aware that renting cars at airports is always more expensive than renting them from city locations. So you might want to fly into PHL, spend your time there car-free (very easy to do, since Penn is right in town and easily accessible by public transit/Uber/taxi), then rent a car to drive to Princeton and West Point. If you can find a rental office for your car company at a Metro North train station between West Point and NY, maybe drop it there to spare yourself the bother of driving into Manhattan.

Taking the train between Philly/NY and Princeton is certainly possible but be aware that the main train station on the NJ Transit line from PHL is Princeton Junction, not in Princeton itself—from there, you have to get a cab or the “Dinky” train to the Princeton station. Given that and the slow speed of the SEPTA/NJT connection, if it were me, I’d just drive.
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