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Originally Posted by zippy the pinhead View Post
I'm planning to take my oldest to visit some college/uni campuses in March 2019. Tentatively we're thinking U Penn, Princeton, and West Point, but that could change. We can afford five or six days for the whole deal, including travel from/to the Los Angeles area.

I've never visited the area so I am going off what I have read and watched, but it is my understanding that there isn't a whole lot to do in Princeton after seeing the campus, so I was thinking to try and arrange things to maximize free time in Philadelphia and/or the NYC area.

It would appear that it is theoretically possible to train it, either from U Penn/Philadelphia to Princeton, and then from Princeton to NYC, or in reverse, but I don't have a problem renting a car if necessary. It looks like West Point pretty much requires a car rental.

From what I see right now, I'm not sure there is a wise direction of travel-- start in PHL or start around NYC-- but what do I know?

So what I'm wondering is, is it realistic to train it, or is it like CA, where you pretty much need a car? Any insight you care to share would be appreciated.
Fly into one airport (either PHL or EWR) and drive. Princeton is about midpoint between EWR and PHL. Obviously West Point will be closer to EWR. Avoid LGA and JFK.

Out here we have long stretches of highway where the population density is low, so it isn't uncommon to see people going 90 mph+, say on I-5 between the bay area and LA; is it correct that such speeds are less common on the east coast?
Not happening here.
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