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List of non-reclining dom F seats

Does anyone have a list of domestic F seats that don't recline? I was once screwed by the last row of a 16F cabin (738?) on a red-eye MUA. It really wasn't worth the miles to upgrade! Just sat in row 3 on an A320 last night and that was fine.

I've scoured seat guru but it's a mixed bag (some have no comments, others have comments but not colored, some are yellow/red). Also looked at most of the "Everything You Wanted to Know" wikis but they don't address this problem. I'm sure there are anecdotes buried within those threads though.

I figure we could sort by full recline, partial, none if people want to contribute data. But I find it hard to imagine no one's started this resource yet!


738: 4ABEF (1/3 of normal)
739: 5EF (1/3 of normal)
753: 6ABEF (2/3 of normal)

739 5AB

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