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Not a fair assumptions. I have raised 6 and I still get miffed when I see parents with kids who are not even attempting anything, or are just letting their kids run amuck on a flight.

I feel that having had kids is no excuse for needing to just tolerate anything. IMHO a flight is a time to do whatever possible as a parent to keep kids behaving. I am SUPER patient when it’s clear a parent is trying and nothing is working, in fact, I even feel badly for them. I get frustrated when the parent is checked out (eg watching a movie) and the kid is being a nuisance; or baby is crying and they are not even attempting to soothe it.

I was recently on a hop SEA-YEG. Parent of a kid just under 2 (was a lap infant but not really a small baby anymore) had ZERO plan for the kid - no snacks, no games, nothing. Kid screamed the whole flight and the dad did nothing and the mom tried nothing. Poor FA tried to help, but mom was a disaster. It was a painful 90 minutes for most of the Q400 pax within screaming distance.
agreed. I was once waiting for a flight and was sitting st the gate with my legs extended. I had been there like that for 20+ minutes. There were these 2 kids running around screaming, hitting, and chasing each other. Parents checked out. Until one of the kids tripped on my legs and they berated me. Am I supposed to just “take it” because they have kids and I “don’t understand”?
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