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Originally Posted by FormerAmtrakTraveler View Post
When the parents are doing nothing and making zero attempt, yes, I completely agree.

But every kid is different. Some are low maintenance, and others are high maintenance. Sometimes even when parents come prepared with snacks, games, everything, the kid can still not cooperate. What's a parent to do if you have to go from point A to point B? It is an incredibly stressful situation for the parents and last thing they need is passengers yelling at them. I understand it's frustrating and even unfair to other pax, but best thing to do imho is to put on headphones (hopefully noise cancelling) and turn up the music or movie to block it out.
If it's absolutely necessary to travel with a child and the parent knows, from past experience, that there is a significant chance the child will not behave in a reasonable manner, then find an alternate source of transportation. Sure, a 24 hour drive across the country with a toddler might be an uncomfortable experience for you, but it will only be uncomfortable for YOU and not the entire complement of an airplane. Of course, there's nothing legally that prevents you from bringing a screaming baby or misbehaving child onboard a plane and annoying the crap out of everyone. So if that's your ONLY option, then go ahead and do it. Just be aware that it WILL upset other people, and if you're willing to live with that, so be it.
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